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Sample Recipe

Always title your entry with the name of the food.

This is a sample recipe. This paragraph is where you would put a brief description of your recipe. It should not be too long, but feel free to add what context you learned it in, your source material, or a small anecdote about it if you like. Also include if there is alcohol or some other sort of restriction regarding this recipe.

Always use an lj-cut for the recipe.

1st ingredient
2nd ingredient
3rd ingredient

1. Write the first step here.
2. Write the second step here.
3. Write the third step here.
4. Etc.

Here you can put any tips about how you think things should be done, what this should be served with, etc. Also put any warnings (like if you're making a cake that might collaps with noise, or something like that) that go with the recipe.

This is not part of the format. Please stick to this format every time you post a recipe. Also, please put a tag saying wether this is food, drink, dessert, or other.
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