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Homegrown Recipes
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Welcome to Creative Cookery!

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Please read the rules before joining the community.

Creative Cookery is a community for people to exchange their favorite recipes and the things they've added to them. A recipe can be anything from a wedding cake to a new way to make top ramen. We especially encourage you to make your own recipes and post them. This is an open community, but you must be a member to post a recipe. Feel free to browse and try things out. Happy cooking!


BE FREINDLY Be nice to people who post. If you don't like a recipe, don't comment. If you have suggestions, try to phrase them in a constructive, helpful way. We want to enjoy this.

RECIPES ONLY Please only post actual recipes. They can be for any kind of food or drink or dessert, but please no "recipes" for machines, etc.

USE POSTING FORMAT The posting format (shown here) should be used for the posting of all recipes. This is to make the recipes clear and to avoid spamming people's friend pages.

DON'T MESS AROUND Don't come up with a really disgusting combination and post it just to see if someone is stupid enough to try it. If one of the mods of this community thinks the recipe is a joke we will leave a comment to that effect and the poster will have a week to convince us that we should leave it up.

LIST INGREDIENTS This is covered in the posting format, but I wanted to emphasize it. Always post a clearly labelled list of ingredients. This is a SAFETY ISSUE for people with allergies.

ENJOY YOURSELF This community only works if the people here want to have fun. So enjoy yourself!